Commonly Asked Questions

Q.:    Do you make nets out of other fibers besides nylon?

A.:    Our standard fiber is nylon, but we can also manufacture netting out of polyester, spectra or Kevlar on special order.

Q.:    Which is better twine, twisted or braided?

A.:    Braided twine has better resistance, since it is smoother, but the breaking strength is very similar between twisted and braided twine.

Q.:    What is the smallest and largest mesh sizes you can manufacture?

A.:    We have the capability to manufacture nets with mesh size from 1 ½” (3/4” square) to 72” (36” square).

Q.:    Do you make mosquito nets?

A.:    No.

Q.:    What is the difference between knotted nets and knotless nets?

A.:    In knotted nets, the entire twine is looped around the adjoining twine to make a knot, thus giving it superior mesh strength. A knotless net is made with only some of the fibers crossing over together to make the mesh. For this reason knotless net is a weaker net.

Q.:    Are all nets diamond meshed?

A.:    All net looms make nets only in diamond shape.  A net can be made to have square meshes (like a tennis or volleyball net) by cutting and sewing together pieces of the diamond mesh net. This is an option Batting Cages USA offers for an additional charge.

Q.:    Are your nets treated for ultraviolet protection?

A.:    Nylon is extruded with a UV inhibitor, giving it excellent UV resistant properties. In addition, the nets are impregnated with latex for additional weather and light resistance.

Q.:    How long should my net last?

A.:    The life of the net depends entirely on how it is used, and the gauge of twine it is made of. The greatest cause of net deterioration is abrasion and ripping.  Therefore a net may have some areas that are deteriorated, while other sections may be like new. Under normal conditions, a net should last from three to ten years, depending on use.

Q.:    Can I order netting in any color?

A.:    All of our Batting Cage Nets are made of BLACK nylon.

Q.:    Is there a minimum quantity for net orders?

A.:    We have a large inventory of netting and may have what you need in stock. If you want us to manufacture a custom size, the minimum quantity is 500 lbs.